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8 Marvelous Gift Ideas for Your Brother's Wedding

Rujuta Borkar
Brother's wedding coming up and you're confused about what to get him? Fret not. This story features a great mix of some of the most sentimental, utilitarian, and exquisite gifts you can give him.

Important Tip

Though many people tend to give individual gifts, etiquette demands that the gift selected is something that your brother and sister-in-law can enjoy as a couple.
What do you give a brother on his wedding day? Frankly, the idea that he's all grown up, fallen in love, and decided to take this important step still makes you smile.
You think back to all the times that he's been there for you, through all the good times and the bad, how he's saved you from the 'bullies', and the next instant pulled your braids till you've screamed bloody murder. And now he's getting married.
While the emotions threaten to take over, reducing you to a crying mess, with tissues in hand and all the happiness of the world threatening to burst out of your heart, don't forget, there is a gift to be planned.
While you know that you want to make this one the most special wedding present for your brother, what to get him is still a blur. Which is what we're here for. In this GiftinGlory article, we are listing out some of the most special wedding gifts for your brother.

► 8 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for your Brother ◀

Here's the deal, most couples register at a store(s), depending on what they need. The idea behind this is that the couple will get what they truly need to start a new life together.
Ideally, people are encouraged to buy only those gifts which have been registered, but because your relation with the couple is completely different, you can think of gifting something that is not a part of the registry. Or, if your budget permits it, these gifts could be given in addition to the registered gifts.
Bring in the 'Cute' with this Quirky Gift Basket
Ditch the expensive gifts and go in for these tongue-in-cheek, witty gifts. In all fairness, these should probably be given in addition to another gift. Still, it does not take away from the humor and wit that these gifts bring forth. Take for instance the pillow cases and the sweet, sweet message that comes with it.
Or how about these adorable mugs, huh? Your brother is definitely going to score some brownie points for this one (and so are you). Your sister-in-law will absolutely adore this simple, tongue-in-cheek mug. Hey, it's always better to set the ground rules straight, now is it not?
Is the couple into any adventure sports? They are? Perfect! You can totally make this happen for them.
Send Him Off on an Adventure Sports Trip
The thing is, they will not really think of planning for an activity like this one right after the wedding, which is where you come in and make their day. Who would not want to feel that adrenaline rush with their partner by their side, strapped together in one bungee cord, or tackling the strong river currents ... what a rush.
Starting a life together is not simple, and there are so many things that one needs in a new home.
Get Him Some Furniture for the New Place
Which is why this idea is great at so many levels―gift them a unique and special piece of furniture, like this bright orange armchair that just beckons one to slip into. Not only will they have a great piece of furniture, but because of its quirky style, it will give the room a little something something.
We would, however, advice you to consult your brother on this one. Everyone has their unique choice when it comes to furniture, so keeping your brother in the loop will ensure that you're spending your money on something that is sure to be loved and used.
Not many think about this gift idea―a luggage set.
Gift Him a Trendy Luggage Set
More than anything else, it has great utilitarian value and is an extremely practical choice for a gift. Spend a few extra dollars to buy a swanky pair of bags that will make heads turn even as they are rolled forth by the couple... en route to their honeymoon and other trips that follow.
So maybe they're planning on taking their honeymoon sometime later, but they can definitely squeeze in a good weekend away.
Whisk them Off on a Weekend Getaway
Then that's exactly what you're going to do for them―gift them a nice, relaxing, getaway. This is the perfect way for them to recover from all the maddening rush of the wedding and the months of planning. A great way to leave all the stress behind and just enjoy their time as a couple.
This is one of the most sentimental gifts you can give your brother. Well, sentimental and special.
Bring in the 'Aww' with a Case of Champagne
Champagne stands for celebration, right? Buy the couple a whole case of really, really good champagne and then include a note that says 'May you never run out of things to celebrate'. All your good wishes will be conveyed in this one gesture. And can you imagine how thrilled the couple will be with this extraordinary gift and the touching message?
There's something about a hot air balloon ride that's just so special, you know?
Show them a Memorable Time with a Hot Air Balloon Ride
The way you're high above the ground, slowly floating about, looking at the sprawling fields or the valley below ... sigh. Now imagine how thrilling it will be to be able to experience this lovely ride with your spouse. Goose bumps, right? Will your brother and sister-in-law simply not adore this gift? We think they will, we think they so will.
Bring in Wrist Watches for Him and Her
Would you not want to see them flash a beautiful, drop-dead-gorgeous watch that will make jaws drop as they swish by? Oh yeah. Definitely. One can't have enough watches you know, and with a watch that's clearly making the right kind of statements all over town, who would not want one?
Go pick up a sleek, (not blingy!), suave, classy watch and make their time together more special. And yes, since it's a personal gift, maybe it would do you good to consult your brother (or your sister-in-law to be) on this one.
With these gift ideas to choose from, you can rest assured that the couple is going to have one helluva great gift to enjoy. Pity you can't give them all these, huh? Or can you?