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Useful Gifts for Newborns and Young Parents

Maya Pillai
A gift for a newborn could be a personalized and unique gift, or a simple gift too. It is the perfect way to welcome a new being into this world. The utility of gifts for a newborn can also make the parents' life easier, as such gifts can help them in nurturing the baby in a better way.

My Child or Yours!

Research has shown that mothers of newborn babies are able to effectively differentiate between the cries of their own baby from those of other babies, just few days after giving birth.
Buying gifts for a newborn is simply mind-boggling. There are so many gift articles around for newborns, that you would not know what to buy.
If you are not sure about the gender of the baby, you could even buy a gender-neutral gift article for the tiny tot. Thanks to various research studies and continuous innovations, gifts for newborns have evolved quite considerably in recent times.
Here are some ideas that you can utilize when gifting something to a newborn baby.

Basic Gift Ideas


You can gift a stroller to the new and proud parents. You could fill the stroller with nappies, bibs, pacifiers, and many other baby gifts of your choice. The new parents would be thrilled by your gift.
Keep in mind the needs of the parents when you shop for a stroller. These days, various types of strollers are available in the market.
For instance, if the mother of the baby is a regular jogger, then you can opt for a 'Jogging Stroller', which is basically a stroller, the wheels of which are designed so as to enable the jogger to push it with ease.


Most people have a tough time deciding what to buy a newborn. Has the idea of buying a few packets of diapers struck you?
Diapers are the one thing a newborn would require in large numbers. If you are not sure about the size of the diapers, you could ask the baby store to issue a diaper subscription coupon. This would make an amazing newborn gift. The baby's parents would always thank you for this unique newborn gift.

Personalized Crib Sheets

Presenting the newborn with a few personalized crib sheets is another great gift idea. Many baby stores are ready to engrave the name of the baby on the items you buy. You could get a few crib sheets with the baby's name engraved on it.
If you are very close to the family, you could also buy matching personalized fleece blankets or chenille throws to go along with the crib sheets. Remember to add one or two mattress pads to protect the crib sheets from dampness.

Key Chain with Baby's Name

Another simple gift you can give to the baby's parents is a key chain with the baby's name inscribed on it. In case the parents are yet to name the baby, you can opt for a key chain which allows the user to replace the alphabets. Since a key chain is often with the user, the sight of their baby's name will make the parents feel happy always.

A Book on Baby Care

A simple yet effective gift can be a book that includes information on how to take care of a baby, especially if it is their first child. Such a book will make sure that the parents avoid any kind of mistakes in nurturing the baby.

Unique Newborn Gift Hamper

You could present the proud parents with a unique and personalized gift hamper.
You can choose a beautiful wicker basket from a departmental store, and fill it with the items a newborn baby needs the most.
Choose a couple of diaper packets, towels in the shades of pink, yellow or blue, baby feeding bottles and nipples, pacifiers, booties, tinker bells, and soft toys.
If you are close to the parents, you could add a couple of coffee mugs, a packet of chocolates or cookies, and a gift coupon for the mother to use. The parents of the newborn would be simply enthralled by your wonderful and unique gift.

Out-of-the-box Gift Ideas

Classical Music

Studies show that classical music can facilitate intellectual development in a newborn baby right from the start. Introducing newborns to artists like Sebastian Bach and Beethoven might hold the key in unlocking the cerebral prowess later on their life.


You can gift a seedling to the baby's parents as a symbol of remembrance. Each time they look at the plant grow, they can relate that to the growth of their own baby, which would be such a wonderful feeling.


Hire a photographer or provide the parents with a voucher that allows them to get their baby clicked professionally. The photos can be framed, shared, etc. These beautiful memories will be a great treasure for the family for a lifetime.

Bouncy Seats

These are seats that offer various electronic technologies like a music player that plays soothing music, a vibrator that shakes the seat to keep the baby entertained, etc.
They are completely safe for the baby, and the popularity of these seats is on the rise, because they enable the parents to carry on doing their chores while the baby is being entertained.

Company Shares

There is no law that prohibits a minor from holding shares of a company. Investing in a company with a strong brand name right from birth can pay dividends later on in the life of the baby.
Purchasing gifts for a newborn can be an exciting affair. Remember to gift something that would be useful for the baby as well as for the parents.