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One Year Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend

Rimlee Bhuyan
As your first anniversary approaches, you must be looking for appropriate one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend. The one year anniversary marks a milestone for a relationship, and you will need some good ideas for anniversary gifts for your girlfriend.
A one year anniversary gift means a lot to a girlfriend and her expectations will be pretty high. You need something more substantial than chocolates and flowers.
You don't have to empty your bank account and shower her with expensive gifts. A one year anniversary gift for a girlfriend should be something that looks like you have put a lot of effort and time to purchase and not just something that you bought at the last minute.

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Choosing the right first anniversary gifts for your girlfriend is really important as the one year anniversary is quite a big deal for a girl. You may not feel that way, but on no account should you appear unenthusiastic or act like it is of no importance to you.


The best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend would be jewelry. You don't have to give her a ring, just get something that is delicate and has a unique design like a gold chain with a pendant or a pretty bracelet.
Antique silver or studded stone earrings also work well as anniversary gifts. Just steer clear of over the top loud jewelry that she will never wear. If you are not sure about her taste in jewelry then just observe the kind of jewelry she wears on your dates to get better insight.


If your girlfriend likes to read, then the best one year anniversary gifts for her would be to give a book of love poems. You can also gift her a selection of romance novels which you know she would enjoy reading.
There is nothing better than the first edition of her favorite novel, signed by the author. A compilation of short stories from her favorite authors is also a good anniversary gift. These creative anniversary gifts for girlfriends show that you pay attention to her likes and dislikes.

Gift Certificate

One good one year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend is to give her a gift certificate to a spa. You can avail a couples session and both of you can have a great time relaxing in the spa.
This is also a good way to spend some quality time with your girlfriend, in serene surroundings away from the crowd. This will give you ample opportunity to reconnect with your girlfriend and rekindle your romance.

A Home Cooked Meal

It is not necessary to show how much you care for your girlfriend by showering her with expensive gifts.
You can show your love and commitment to your girlfriend by doing something thoughtful. Plan a romantic evening at home, by renting her favorite movie and preparing a beautiful home cooked meal. It needn't even be a gourmet meal. Just prepare a meal that she loves. Such a gesture will surely be appreciated by her.


Gifting an item of clothing is also a great way to surprise your girlfriend on your first anniversary. Just make sure that you get something of the latest style and design.
You should know about her fashion sensibilities and buy clothes accordingly. A good designer jacket or an evening cocktail dress are great gift ideas. In case you are not sure if your choice of clothing will fit her, then the best idea is to give a gift certificate from a boutique for the same.


If you are unsure about what kind of apparel to purchase, then a good idea would be to opt for an accessory. Accessories like a good handbag or a scarf are appropriate gifts to give to your girlfriend on your one year anniversary.
Perfumes are of course other good anniversary gift ideas for her. All women love perfumes and you can find many designer perfumes online at a discounted prices. Choose a perfume that she is bound to like and that matches her lifestyle and personality.
Completing a year in the relationship is a big achievement and the gift that you give, should reflect that. Take her out for dinner and don't forget to give the gift along with a bunch of flowers.