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Police Retirement Gift Ideas

Kundan Pandey
Retirement gifts for police officers must remind them of their glorious days of serving the community. They must also help them to find a new life, full of thrill and excitement. Find out what to gift a retiring police officer.
Dignity, honor, valor, courage and pride are just some adjectives that describe a police officer's job. Completing the tenure of service in one of the most reputed government professions is a matter of pride, nostalgia and some tinge of nervousness for a retiring police officer.
While the gratitude a police officer receives post retirement, from his friends, family members, colleagues and the government may be overwhelming, the issue of boredom also grips his mind. You can make the retirement occasion of a police officer's life memorable by giving excellent retirement gifts.

Police Officer Retirement Ideas

If you find it difficult to think of some unique gift ideas, we will help you in finding some of them. The type of gift you will give to the police officer will depend on how you are associated to him or her. Is he your father, brother, senior, friend or husband?
Or is she a lady, who has not only been a great police officer but a caring mother, a loving wife and a friend to die for. Besides this parameter, age factor, likes, dislikes and personality type are other things that can help you choose an ideal gift for a retiring police officer.
Further, you should not forget the fact that he or she has been a police officer throughout the career and so the gifts should be something the officer can relate to, easily. Anything cute, memorable and affectionate that helps the police officer to remember his or her days of glory will be a great retirement gift.
Anything new that gives them new experiences and makes them feel different and engaged is also a great gift idea.
Scrapbook : This gift idea is a great one for family or friends. Collect old newspapers clips, his award ceremonies photos, family pics and anything that is worth remembering about his or her career. Make an interesting scrapbook including all this. Display your best creative skills and this will turn out to be a gift of lifetime for the police officer.
Customized Plaque :  You can order a gift shop to prepare a customized plaque. In that, you can write a great quote or paste a professional photo of the police officer. A great gift that will remind the police officer of his or her career years.
Spa Vouchers :  Now that the long and hardworking career is over, it is time to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy some luxuries of life. Gift a spa voucher to him or her that can be used for at least few months and the retired police officer will always remember the royal treatment.
Holiday Packages : One of the ultimate police retirement gift ideas is to give a couple holiday package. This will help the police officer and his or her spouse to escape from the daily world and enjoy life to the fullest. Dine, wine and travel - that's the perfect recipe post retirement!
Adventure Clubs Memberships : This one is a cool gift for those police officers who are really adventure freaks. Even if he or she is retired, the basic instincts of a police officer are very much in them. Gift a club membership voucher that suits his or her age, pretty well.
Airsoft Gun/Firearms : Though gifting an airsoft gun will be funny, it can be a humorous and yet a cute gift for the ex police officer. Even a licensed firearm, bullets with his name encrypted on them, will be a wonderful police retirement gift idea.
Leather Holster : Though the firearm the police officer had, may be with the police department now, he must be having a handgun or a simple hunting gun. Gift him a leather holster to carry it and he will love it. He would love to be a police officer again, surely.
Golf Kits : If he is fond of spending his weekends playing golf, a golf club membership or golf accessories and golf kits can be a great gift idea.
Bookstore/Library Membership : What else can be a great pastime for a book lover than reading, especially, if it is in the cozy comforts of the home garden, lying in the hammock, with your favorite drinks. Let him or her use the retirement years reading. To do so, gift a yearly membership for library. The police officer will love to pick up his favorites and read them.
Besides these gifts for the police officer, you can think of gifting him a journal to write his memories or something related to his hobby so that he or she can productively utilize spare time. Since police officers are a really busy lot, you should ensure that you gift them something that keeps them engaged else they may find relaxation a little boring!!