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10 Remarkable Gifts that Parents Can Give to Newlyweds

Ashmeet Bagga
Your daughter or son is getting married, and you are confused about what gift to get them? Worry not, this story will provide you with some interesting, sentimental, appropriate, and meaningful gifts you can give to the newlyweds.

Daddy's Money

A Chinese entrepreneur gifted his daughter and her husband stuff worth USD 150 million. This included four boxes of gold jewelry, more than USD 3 million in cash, USD 16 million in stock, a Porsche, a Mercedes, a retail store, plus a mansion and many other things. He even donated USD 2.5 million to two local charities in honor of the newlyweds.
What do you gift your daughter and her husband-to-be when they start a new chapter in their life? Often we are confused, because the options are plenty, and we seem to unable to decide on an appropriate gift when it comes to your own newly-wed daughter or son.
Getting married is a significant event in your kid's life, it is like a new chapter or beginning, and although you wish them all the happiness and prosperity, you obviously want to convey your feelings with a token of love. You certainly want to gift them something which will be truly memorable and also something which they can utilize.
Frankly, the idea that your kid is all grown up and will start a family of his own, is enough to bring a tear to your eye, but hold on! You need to stop thinking and start concentrating on the perfect gift for your kid and there would be. In this story, we are listing out ten of the best and unique gifts that can be given to newlyweds.
Most couples register at a store, depending on what they require and what they don't. It is sensible, because we don't want to gift them something that won't be useful to them, or they won't like. However, since you share a special relation with the bride and groom, you can gift them something else apart from the registry.
Cash Gift
We all want our kids to live a comfortable enjoyable life, and as parents, we won't mind helping the newlyweds settle down in style. Well, what better way to kick-start their new life than with a cash gift. With cash, newlyweds have the liberty to buy the stuff they require or desire.
Also, if they wish to, they can spend the amount on their honeymoon, or probably to buy a house or whatever they require. The amount to be gifted can be a personal choice, but it will be a great help from the parents to help their kids settle down financially.
In Chinese culture, it is considered auspicious to gift an amount that ends with a number 9; for example, USD 29, USD 299, USD 4999. 9 is said to bring good luck and wealth to the newlyweds.
Quick Getaway
If the newlyweds are not planning to go for their honeymoon immediately after their wedding, you can send them on an all expenses getaway. This will give them some privacy and a chance to relax and contemplate on their new beginning.
Weddings can be tiring, especially for the newlyweds. You can book a small trip of 3 or 4 days to their desired destination or an exotic location depending on your budget. This will be a perfect stress buster for them.
Stock their Post-honeymoon Fridge
Sounds very easy eh? Actually it's not difficult, when the couple leaves for their honeymoon, you can stock their fridge with eatables, it can be various canned foods, or your homemade lasagna or pasta which can last for many days.
This is a great option, because they will be tired after their vacation and after they get back, for a few days, it will be just take-out. So why not surprise them by filling their fridge with food? You can even leave a personal message on each meal. Trust me, they will love this surprise.

Mini Oak Wine Cask

If the newlyweds are wine lovers, this can be the perfect wedding gift for them. Actually, they can store any type of liquor like beer, whiskey, rum.
And the best part? You can get the cask customized with a special message engraved on it, or maybe you can carve out their picture on the wooden cask and write the date of their marriage.

Framed Wedding Invitation

This is slightly more personalized gift and may require high level of skill and creativity if you want a unique gift. You can frame their wedding invitation card in a beautiful and intricate frame, which they can hang on the wall or decorate their side table.
You can write their love story and stick pictures, you can write messages or captions below the pictures and get it framed.It's a good way to remind the newlyweds about the joyous and memorable time they have spent together. They will be delighted to see this, and so will you; after all, it's for your kids.
A Memorable First Night
If the newlyweds are not leaving immediately for their honeymoon, make their first night together a truly memorable night. You can book a honeymoon suite at a plush hotel or a small cottage at a resort for a night or two. You can even get the hotel staff to decorate their room.
The new bride and groom will surely cherish and appreciate this gesture that will give them their own space and time amidst all the friends and family swarming around in the house. But, don't forget to decorate the room with rose petals, flowers, candles, and of course, champagne.

Customized Wine Glasses

So you bought the wine cask, how about some customized wine glasses to go with it? You can get these crinkly glasses at any store, the only thing left to do will be to personalize them. Add in some message or maybe a quote or something decorative. Let them have their wine with style and class.
To make the gift more personal, you can have their pictures engraved on the glasses, like from their teens, graduation, or the Big day.

Customized Blankets

Blankets come in handy during the chilly weather, why not jazz up a plain, boring quilt or blanket to a new and interesting one? There are many stores online who would love to customize blankets and quilts. You can add pictures or maybe you can sew a message or quote on them.
Sewing would be perfect as it will help to give it a personal touch. Maybe you can sew one huge family picture or their wedding day picture. They will be so proud to flaunt it in front of their friends or other people when they go for a vacation.
Monogrammed Personal Items
There is a wide variety of stuff that can be monogrammed, like maybe, take a decorative and classy basket, and fill it up with monogram napkins, towels or handkerchiefs.
However, these are the usual stuff, this gift can become really unique if you can get a set of nice aromatic soaps monogrammed. Buy a set of good romantic fragrant soaps and get them monogrammed from various sites available online.

Personalized Wall Clock

Time is really important right? We have the tendency to look at the watch every now and then.
You can customize a beautiful vintage wall clock by engraving their names and wedding date along with a small quote or have the couple's picture printed on the dial. Trust me, this will really surprise them, and they will remember your every time they glance at the clock.
We hope these ideas come handy, and you make the couple's day even more memorable. If there are any other ideas or gifts that you feel are suitable, feel free to drop in your suggestions through the comments section given below.