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Unique Retirement Gifts for Teachers

Marlene Alphonse
Bidding farewell to a teacher, who has molded you can be quite a painful experience. Read on to know some great retirement gifts for teachers that would make your teacher's retirement a memorable one and also convey your love and gratitude.
Teachers play a major role in the overall development of a child's future. They occupy a special place in their lives and teach them about many things. Teachers are a role model for the students, who shape their future.
Retirement is an important milestone in everyone's life. So it is important to make this occasion an unforgettable one. There are many gifts that can be given to a retiring teacher to show that you are grateful for whatever he (or she) has done for you.
Retirement gifts should be thoughtful and memorable so that whenever the retiree looks back on and he will remember the appreciation and affection his students and colleagues had for him.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Teachers

There are many retirement gift ideas for teachers that are unique and can be personalized to make them imprinted in their memory forever. Given here are some precious retirement gifts for your favorite teachers that will surely be treasured for an entire lifetime.

Engraved Gifts

There are many gifts that can be engraved from wooden photo frames, to jewelry and wine glasses. You can even present a beautifully engraved name plate or a door sign with the name of the teacher in a stylish font. This can be one of the unique retirement gifts for your teacher.
Get a unique glass or metal paperweight and engrave it with the name and a special message for the teacher. This can be a good idea for gifts for teachers on their retirement, that can be useful and every time she (or he) looks at that gift she will have warm memories.
You can also gift a mug or glasses with her name engraved on it. If your teacher is interested in gardening, then a gardening kit with the teacher's name on it will make it complete.

Personalized Gifts

One of the best retirement gifts for teachers is a personalized gift. This gift must be well thought out. In case of gifts for men, it is a good idea to give a personalized wallet or belt.
If the teacher loves sports, then sports shoes, or any other accessory related to his favorite sport can be gifted.
You can even gift your teacher a pen set, with his name engraved on each pen. This sure will be a well appreciated gift.
If your teacher is a music lover, then you can get him a set of his favorite songs in a CD or DVD and gift wrap it beautifully. There are also many homemade gifts for teachers that can be given on their retirement.

Creative Gifts

What other better way to express your affection to your teacher than giving him a self made gift. A great retirement gift for a teacher is to gift him a scrapbook full of old memories.
You can stick photos of the moments and even tell each student and colleague to add a special message for the retiree. You can also describe a favorite memory in that scrapbook.
This is one of the best retirement gift ideas that the recipient is sure to enjoy and love for the years to come. Don your creative hat and think of some good homemade gifts for the person who helped mold you for what you are today. Your effort will surely be appreciated.

Other Gifts

There are also a number of gift certificates or gift baskets, which can be presented to the retiree.
Maybe your teacher wanted to learn something new or cultivate a new hobby but never found time to do so. You can find out about the interest of the teacher and give him a gift certificate for that particular activity. This is one of the great retirement gifts for a teacher which will be highly appreciated and the memory will be imprinted in his mind forever.
These retirement gifts for teachers should be something worthwhile and precious that will convey your love and appreciation for the teacher who has made the person you are.