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Easy Romantic Crafts for Your Boyfriend

Kashmira Lad
Birthday, anniversary, because you want to tell him that he's the best boyfriend in the world; whatever be the occasion, the best way to surprise your boyfriend is to make a romantic gift for him.
Looking for a way to surprise the love of your life with a special gift? And you've used up every possible gift idea including clothes, sports equipment, perfume, wallet, et cetera et cetera?
A trip to several stores has confirmed that there is nothing available worth giving him. Trust me when I say that nothing says you are special better than a gift that is handmade by you. They add that personal touch and show that you really care enough to make efforts for him.
Full of sentimental value, romantic crafts make for very unique gift ideas. Take a look at some options to say it all with the perfect gift as you let your creativity unfold.

Our Book of Love

A scrapbook is a compilation of memories. Paste photos, add jokes, incidents, write about special memories, stick movie or concert tickets, bills, write the lyrics of a song that are special. Put a picture of you 2 on the cover.

Paint My Love

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well so could be a painting! And the perfect touch of creativity to a painting would be to combine it with decoupage. Select a picture that you would like to gift your sweetheart.
Choose to paint a vase with pretty flowers in it. It's a better idea than giving him flowers. Using watercolors paint a basic vase with of his favorite flowers. Then cut out pictures of leaves and bits of abstract designs.
Next, decoupage the leaves to the stems of the flowers and the abstract designs to decorate the vase. Use decoupage glue to stick the designs and add a layer of it after pasting as well, to make sure the pieces stick properly. He will definitely be impressed with your skills.

Messages In a Bottle

Take red craft paper and cut it in heart-shaped pieces. Write words like love, faith, forever, and dates that are vital and fill it in the bottle. On a handmade paper, pen a song or a poem and tie it in a roll. Secure with a ribbon and put it in the bottle.

Seasons of Love

Here is another idea for a gift that will prove to be useful to your beloved for an entire year and one that he will cherish for years to come even after that.
Go online and print a calendar for the twelve months of the following year. Next, it is time to customize this calendar. You can add pictures of him and his friends along with pictures of you both. Don't forget to give interesting captions to these pictures.
Now, make the calendar exclusive by highlighting the dates that are important to you all, birthdays of his close ones, and other important occasions. This gift works perfectly well for you too, as he will no longer have an excuse to forget your anniversary!

King of My Heart

Want to tell your boyfriend that he is the king of your heart? Then buy a pack of cards. Take a sheet and cut it into 52 pieces then stick each piece onto the center of every card. Now, write on each card a reason why you love him so much.

Letters of My Love

A love letter is an extremely romantic gift in today's tech-savvy times. Take a large sheet of thick, white paper. Buy around ten small envelopes that are colorful and have a cute prints. Then stick these envelopes onto the white sheet in the shape of a heart.
Now, write ten love letters telling your sweetheart everything you've always wanted to say to him and put a letter in each envelope. Trust me, he will be smitten!

Puzzle of My Heart

Does your boyfriend enjoy a little bit of challenge? Then this would make for a very fun gift idea.
Get a sheet of thick, red paper. Write a quote and draw a picture that is special to the bond you have. Now, with a pencil lightly trace a design of the pieces of a puzzle on this sheet and finely cut along the lines. There! You have your very own love puzzle. Gift this and watch him lighten up as he puts the pieces together.
Use these craft gift ideas to pamper him silly! A gift that cannot be bought in any store and one that is specially made for him is the best way to tell your boyfriend that you love him and how much he means to you.