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Romantic Gift Ideas for Women

Roy D'Silva
A gift is one paragon vehicle that carries the deepest of your emotions and whets it to the core. Getting a gift can be extremely easy or difficult. Like everything else in life, a little bit of logic can make even the impossible task, like that of choosing a unique romantic gift for women, very much possible.
Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend. ~ Marian Anderson
It is said that women are difficult to understand and also that God alone would know what a woman is thinking. Taking this into consideration, imagine how difficult it would be to come up with the perfect romantic gift for her.

Timeless Gifts

Leaving aside all the confusion and hassle, one good thing about gifts for women is that any gift that proclaims your love to the woman is a good bet. Stuffed toys, cards, coffee mugs, even portraits work wonders as ideal gifts.
Intimate gifts also send the message across very nicely. It is surprising how even a box of chocolates or a couple of flowers mean a lot to her. Don't be afraid to experiment -- a spicy surprise like lingerie or a new attire also work as a good gift.
But do not forget, if your girlfriend/wife is a die-hard romantic, then the mentioned gifts should be accompanied with something special, these can be used as a cherry on the cake.

For Art Enthusiasts

If your woman is interested in various art forms, you would be happy to know that there are a lot of things you could gift her. A beautiful sculpture or an art piece that defines your relationship will definitely brighten up the occasion.
To earn some extra brownie points, you can even prepare the gift with your own hands, a painting maybe. This will be a very special way to show how much you love her. No matter how ugly it turns out to be, it will always remain her favorite and unique gift.
You can also book 'tickets for two' to a play or music concert of her choice, and surprise her with a romantic dinner after that.

Basket of Her Interests

Depending on the lifestyle of the woman you love, there are a number of possible gift baskets that you can get for her. Due to the sheer size in quantity and the logical, practical use of the gift articles inside, a gift basket can always rise to the occasion.
Some popular gift baskets for women:
Bath and Spa Gift Set
⋆ Teddy Bears
⋆ Gourmet Food Baskets
⋆ Gourmet Cheesecake and Cakes
⋆ Chocolates
⋆ Jewelry
Remember: You should know what she relishes and what she enjoys. To understand this, you should first know about her likes and dislikes, her favorites, and also the things she hates. Her lifestyle also plays a very important part in choosing the best gift for her.
A homemaker will have no use of the latest upgraded laptop or cell phone, while a professional woman will seldom use that 'World's Best Cook' apron. If executed right, a gift basket can become a thoughtful gift that she would cherish for a long time.

A Personal Affair

Personalized gifts can work wonders -- adding a personal touch to gifts ensures that your loved one feels special, and also shows that you are committed.
Gifts include charm bracelets, necklaces, customized champagne glasses or coffee mugs, personalized champagne bottle, engraved pen and box set, customized pillowcases, etc. You could create a scrapbook about your experiences with her.

Her Special Day

Another good way of making the day special is by taking care of the housework for a day. Breakfast in bed will melt her heart. You can probably take a day off from work and spend time with your love.
If you are the adventurous type, then you can plan a random trip to the first place that comes to her mind -- this obviously will require some planning, but will surely excite her.
Men with working wives/girlfriends -- do not fret. You can plan to steal your woman from work and treat her to a surprise lunch or dinner. That will be one thoughtful and unique gift, which will surely leave some long-lasting pleasant memories.

A Woman's Best Friend

A gift of beauty and intricacy is a joy forever. Since centuries, women have been gifted with diamonds as a compliment to their strength, beauty, and devotion. It is just a coincidence that these baubles are expensive.
Beautiful and exquisite, diamonds are always a winner. Such gifts are considered to be priceless and a compliment to the strength, beauty and support of women.
While such expensive gifts rarely go unnoticed, the best way to gift a diamond is by surprise. The glint of pride in her eyes will be brighter than all the diamonds in the world put together.

Last-minute hero

Very often comes a time, when men fail to understand the importance of an occasion and suffer the ugly consequences. To prevent this, there are some last-minute ideas. Since there is no time, you can pick up some flowers, chocolates and wine.
Surprise her by taking her to the place you both met for the first time, spend some time there and tell her how much you love her. Even though this is a last-minute idea, it will surely make her very happy.