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Super Calming Stress Relief Gifts

Dr. Maisie M
What does one expect in a gift? It should be necessary and satisfying. Stress relief gifts fulfill this criteria though they may not be cool, exciting, and unusual. Considering the importance of good health in happiness and productivity, these gifts can help restrict stress.
Gift giving to special people conveys how much you value and care for them, and stress relief indicators is one of the best ways to express the same. Stress has reached such epidemic proportions that stress busters can be a perfect gift for just anyone and everyone.
Chronic stress can be deteriorating to health as it does not allow the body to relax, and the most speculative part is, it goes un-noticed until significant symptoms appear. Gifts can be personalized as per the age, taste and in some cases manipulated to the betterment of the recipient.

Stress Relief Presents

Musical Gifts

Music CD's can be chosen from a variety of instrumental, classical, yoga, meditation, nature music and other forms, remembering the de-stress factor.
Music Therapy is one form of art therapy and helps in reducing stress significantly. One doesn't have to be an avid lover or music expert to savor the tunes and the rhythm.


Memberships to art workshops comprising painting, drawing, singing, dancing or any hobby would promote creativity and expression.


Holiday destination packages will provide that much-needed break from work and routine to hang on with the family or indulge into long buried hobbies.


Stress relief toys and games can be excellent gifts. Choose them as per the lifestyle and aptitude. Stretchy flyers, squeeze balls, come in various colors, shapes and compositions. They can be good to fidget when one needs to release the built-up frustration.
Puzzle games, word power, action games can be presented for effective stress reduction. Similarly indoor and outdoor games, gym or exercise vouchers can be encouraged through appropriate gift cards.

Herbal Products

Herbal products can be used in various modes for relaxation, whether it's a herbal massage, herbal aromatherapy or day spa. These therapies help us in physical rehabilitation and regain the much-needed balance between intense living and relaxation.
Gift certificate to a day spa can be a very gratifying experience. It can include manicure, pedicure, massage, facial and other body treatments delivering the perfect calm and serene state of mind.


Laughter can be the best stress reliever and it's known to increase immunity and individual satisfaction. Comical, joke books (one shouldn't search comedy in jokes) and rib-tickling books can be a good source of humor.
Perhaps participation in a laughter club can help induce those initial chuckles in an exceptionally serious person. These gifts will recover the calm composure and alert thinking by laughing stress away.

Holistic Healing

Some research into the various forms of alternative treatments will help you discover many evidence based healing methodologies.
Some of them are Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Reiki; Acupuncture, Naturopathy, which help improve the general well-being and should be used for healthy individuals too. These gifts can be equally inspiring and worth the recipient's anticipation.
Stress relief gifts can be ideal to buy for your co-worker, friend, your partner on a special occasion or your loved ones. Remember," Giving paves the way for receiving," so let's not waste any more time.