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Sympathy Fruit Baskets

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
A sympathy fruit basket is an accepted way of expressing your condolences to a grieving family. Here are some guidelines on choosing and sending a sympathy fruit basket.
Any tragic incident often forces you to search for a new meaning to life. During the initial days, life itself becomes a dull, listless experience. An event such as death may spell an end of the world to the bereaved family.
No amount of comfort words and support from friends and relatives help in easing the grief of the bereaved family. During such times, small gestures may present a new hope of life for the bereaved. Sending sympathy fruit baskets is one such gesture which symbolizes the fruitfulness of life in spite of all odds.

Why to Send Fruit Baskets

While this is not a norm, one is expected to express their condolences to the bereaved in some way. If you are a close friend or neighbor of the grieving family, you can share their grief by helping them with the arrangement of the funeral and final rites of the deceased.
You can also cook meals for them as a gesture of sympathy and deliver it to their home for the first few days. However, if you are someone who is not around to share the grief of the bereaved, then it only makes sense to send your condolences in some other ways.
Cards and flowers are some common ways of expressing condolence. However, sending a condolence fruit basket can be a more thoughtful way of expressing your feelings. Fruits symbolize life, hence sending fruits makes the person see the purpose of life.

How to Choose Fruits

While there is no rule regarding what fruits to choose for a sympathy fruit basket, the freshness and quality of fruits is a must. If you are sending the basket to someone close, make sure you choose the choicest of all fruits. As the bright colors and rich skin of fruits make them a charming gift, you should preferably go for fruits with brighter hues.
Pears, peaches, apples, strawberries, and oranges make for ideal fruits for sympathy fruit baskets. You can also go for seasonal fruits such as mangoes, avocados, blueberries etc. One can also combine cheerful flowers such as gerbera, sunflower, and daisies along with fruits in a basket.

Making Your Own Sympathy Fruit Basket

While you always have an option of buying a ready-made fruit basket from a florist or gift shop, making your own allows you to give personal touch to your sympathy fruit basket.
Take an appropriate size basket and spray paint it in a pleasing color. Coat it with a paint sealer to render shine and protect the paint from chipping. Allow the paint and sealer to dry for a day or two. Next, take a plain kitchen napkin and lay it at the base of the basket.
Arrange the fruits as per their size and color. Small berries should be packed in an air tight transparent boxes and placed atop the basket. Tie a white or silver ribbon across the basket.

How to Send a Sympathy Fruit Basket

One can also find a wide selection of sympathy fruit baskets online. You have an ample choice of fruits as well as basket shapes while shopping online. Besides, you can directly get it shipped to the bereaved family's place. You may also choose to send the basket through a florist or gift shop service.
The best way is to hand deliver it to their place. If you are not around, ask a family member to it for you. No matter how you send a sympathy basket, just make sure you attach a personalized sympathy message along with the basket. Be honest and genuine about your feelings. More than anything else, your words of comfort would mean a lot to the grieving.
Thus, fruit baskets indeed account for a thoughtful gesture during troubled times. However, make sure you take the trouble for selecting fruits and flowers for your sympathy basket. Hope you found this useful.