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Superb Tips for Gifting a Perfume

Prerna Salla
When you thought that the most brilliant idea occurred to you, you find that the idea of gifting a perfume is not all that easy. Here are some tips that can help you choose a perfume for your loved one.

Perfume as a Gift

A perfume is a very personal product, and many women wear it as a style statement. Women in general are very fond of them.
They choose the perfume that defines their personality. One of the many things that is so popularly gifted to females is perfumes. Once you know her preferences, gifting a perfume is rather easy.
* Firstly, find out what kind of perfume she normally wears. The type of perfume she wears is a strong indicator of her personality. You could ask for her preference during a casual conversation, or do a little sleuthing, if you are the adventurous type.
* Once you've got her preference, you can begin your search by choosing a bottle of fragrance. Choices do not have to be limited to perfume. They can include body lotion, bath oils or personal bars of soap. Either ways, they'll be special to her!
* Buy a fragrance from a store that's near her apartment. So even if she does not fancy the gift, she can always exchange it for another. Women generally wear perfumes for several reasons. For example, for the impression they want to make, to project themselves as earthy, or spicy, or flowery, etc.
* Check the exchange policy, especially if you have bought a brand of fragrance that you are not sure the recipient will like. This projects you as thoughtful and understanding.
* Wrap the perfume box, or arrange the fragrance items in an attractive gift basket. Gifts for women need to be projected as gifts, and not mere souvenirs. If you are in a close relationship (wife, girlfriend) with the intended recipient, choose something that smells good to you.
The prices of perfumes are extremely variable. You can pay less than $10 for a bottle for a drugstore variety, or more than $100 per ounce for the designer ones. Make sure it is appropriate for the person's age. A younger person usually doesn't like anything too heavy. For them an eau de toilette or a mist, rather than a perfume, is a good choice.

Going About Buying a Fragrance

* Research your personal taste in fragrance. Do you like to smell lemons and oranges, or do you like spicy smells like musk?

* Think of fragrances the same way you think of music, with the top, middle, and base notes. Note that a top note is what you smell first. Citrus and light spices are the first smells to evaporate.
* Focus on your favorite smells, and take that knowledge to the fragrance counter, where a skillful salesperson will lead you in the right direction. Clean linens, tea, grapefruit, citronella candles, vanilla beans are good options.
* Apply a scent and wait for 10 minutes. Remember to spray on pulse points, where the skin is warmest.

* Sniff the test spot again. Still like it? Ask for a wrapped package after you make your decision.

Some More tips

* Different types of perfumes last for different durations. An Eau de cologne usually will last for about an hour. Eau de toilettes will last for 2 hours before it fades off. Eau de parfums will last for about 4 hours, and finally concentrated perfumes will last for about 8 hours.
* This is due to the concentration of oils present in the perfume. The higher concentration of oil, the longer the fragrance will last. Keep in mind though, that more the oil, the more expensive the perfume becomes.
* You can only check or test 2 to 3 perfumes at a time while buying. After this, your sense of smell will weaken, and you won't be able to differentiate between the finer notes. Some perfume stores have coffee beans with them. You can sniff them to cleanse your palate. But even they cannot let you go on testing fragrances forever.
* Perfumes in a spray bottle last longer.

* Please keep in mind to keep the bottle away from light and heat.
Some women like a cleaner, citrusy smell for a casual wear, and a muskier fragrance for special occasions. Remember that the less you expose the perfume or cologne to the air, the longer it will last.