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Top 10 Gifts for Colleagues on This Diwali Occasion

Ishika Rathore
Diwali is the time to enlighten your life. Once, Diwali starts knocking doors, you need to make adequate preparations, and one of the key aspects is to plan and procure gifts for your near and dear ones. One important part of the list is of your colleagues. So, what can be the best gifts for your co-workers?
Laxmi Ganesha Wall Hanging
A wonderful gift for the Colleagues, this item expresses that you pray for the prosperity and success of your coworkers. Coming at reasonable rates, this is really an exciting gift item.

White Metal Duck Bowl

An inexpensive yet premium looking gift item, it features the appearance of a duck and is one of the best choices, when you are looking for the best gifts for colleagues.

Folding Laxmi-Ganesha shaped as 'Namaste'

If your recipient is a bit spiritual-minded, you will hardly get a better alternative to this item. This item is portable and comes within reasonable rates, featuring aesthetic design and elegant look.

German Silver Pooja Thali

A gift item that is going to serve the purpose of your recipients on a daily basis, this is a classic item to be selected as Diwali gift. Gifting this item to your coworker, you can certainly expect to win his/her heart.

Laxmi and Ganesha Metal Idol on a Leaf

A simple yet aesthetic item that reflects tranquillity and spiritualism. It is the best item to display that you always wish your colleague success in life. The best thing is it looks classy and still, is cheap. Investing in this will certainly be a wise act.

Double Bowl Set Made With German Silver

Closely resembling silver items, this is an exciting gift for your coworkers on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. This is suitable for all ages, profiles, and gender. It can even be used on a daily basis.

Ganesha Idol in Blessing Posture

This cute and designer item perfectly suits the theme of Diwali. It is the time to see the divine blessings, and this little, impressive item is the perfect item to display that you are praying for the recipient's success.

Set of Vodka Glass Made of German Silver

It is impossible to assume Diwali party without enjoying best drinks. So why not gift something to your coworker that will set the right tone? Hence, this is the right gift item.

Laxmi & Ganesh metal wall hanging

A candle hanging with impression of Laxmi Ganesh on outer walls, having a traditional design, this is worth investing.

Iron-Made Musician Ganesha in a Set of 3

Aesthetically handcrafted with iron and softwood, this item features 3 idols of Lord Ganesha, crafted as musicians. It will be the perfect gift for colleagues who are music enthusiasts.