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Unique Best Friend Gifts

Uttara Manohar
A best friend is someone who's stuck by you through thick and thin, living up to their title as the years go by. Show them your appreciation and love by selecting a unique gift that will surely make them feel even more special.
Best friends are truly special people who completely understand us and love us for who we are. Friends are an inseparable part of our lives. They stand by you when you need support, put a smile on your face when tears roll down your cheeks, and encourage you to keep going at times when you feel dejected.
Best friends are a bunch of truly special people who make life worthwhile for you.
Special occasions like birthdays, graduation party, or even friendship day are all opportunities for us to let our best friends know how much they mean to us. Most of the time, we buy our friends something that we are sure that they will love and enjoy, since we know them completely.
However, by gifting them something made by yourself will make them much more happier. Here are a few gift ideas that you can try this time.


You need to use your creativity to pull this one off! The idea is as simple as the name; it is a storybook that describes your journey together. Start from the first time you met, and keep on adding all the memories to it.
Funny incidents, your worst fights, birthdays, and all other good and bad memories; include all the things that you think are necessary to build a complete story. If possible, get the book printed in a classic font on an antique style golden rimmed paper and get a hardcover binding done to make it look like a classic hardback.
Add interesting quotations and your best friend's favorite songs to make the book seem more interesting.

Personalized Movie

You can use this idea if you have a huge collection of your videos, and a basic knowledge of video editing. Videos taken at birthdays, trips, college parties, and so on can be combined to make a montage of scenes from different footages.
Use a basic video editing software to merge the videos, add text to the visuals, and enhance the video with some beautiful special effects. Add amazing background music, even some of your favorite songs to make the video really special.
Do a voice over and say everything that you want to tell your best friend. You can even print a CD/DVD cover with a beautiful photograph and give a special name to the movie.

Personalized Gifts

If you are looking for a unique best friend gift for your best gal pal, the options are plenty. If you are planning for something really extravagant, then a studded pendant with her initials can put a smile on her face for sure.
Personalized jewelry like pendants, bracelets, and earrings can be a great idea only if she is fond of jewelry.
For guys an ear stud or a bracelet can be a great idea if he has a liking for it. If your friend is into sports, gift her/him personalized sportswear and sports gear, like personalized Nike shoes or Nike rackets, bats, and so on.
Personalized keepsake boxes, photo frames, collages, or even scrapbooks can be great ideas.