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Unique Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Sujata Iyer
The pressure to get something 'unique' for her boyfriend can make any girl frantic. Take a shot at the ones mentioned here, they might just help you.
Redeemable Love Coupons
A unique gift suggestion, if there ever was one, is a booklet of coupons.
For this, you can use great fonts and fancy paper and design and make different coupons for your boyfriend that he can redeem anytime he wants.
The coupons could be for a foot massage, a body massage, a weekend getaway, the remote control, the longest kiss you are yet to have, his choice of food and music in the car for an entire week, etc.
Sensuous Spa Day
Don't go frowning! This is in fact, a great gift idea for a boyfriend. Give him a spa treatment with a twist. You're the attendant.
Transform your room or home into a spa, and give him a luxurious massage, followed by a bubble bath filled with exotic fragrances. After the bath, treat him to a delicious meal, and the rest of the day, well, do whatever he wants to! *wink*
Miniature Everything
Here's one of those truly different gift ideas. Start compiling the list of everything that he likes, and begin your search for miniatures of all of them.
Bikes, cars, sports items, and drinks are easy to find, but you may have to go to special stores to get the books, clothes, shoes and other items custom-made. Put them in a fancy goody bag, and have a little funny note attached to each of them.
Glamor Boy
Take him to a professional photoshoot, have a professional portfolio of his pictures clicked. You may even get one printed in poster size with some flattering graffiti on it, showing him what a superstar he is to you!
Frame this in an antique frame, and hang it over your bed! He'll never get enough of it! If you're good at painting, then you can make him a poster yourself. Use water colors and a good picture of his for reference. Don't forget to sign it with some 'xoxo's.
Personalized Pillow Case
A personalized pillow case is an easy visual reminder of your feelings, besides your effort is sure to be well-appreciated.
Funny 'Keep Calm...' merchandise
Buy funny and stylish 'Keep Calm...' T-shirts for any occasions. Also, you can customize them with your own text.
Personalized Boxer Shorts
Get really creative, and go naughty with a pair of personalized boxer shorts. It may catch him by surprise.