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Unique Gift Ideas to Put a Smile on a Dentist's Face

Mukta Gaikwad
Looking for unique ways to say thank you to your dentist? Well, look no further! We have seven unique gifts for your dentist that will put a smile on his or her face.
"The manner of giving is worth more than the gift."
― Pierre Corneille
We dread every dentist's appointment. We hate them for the pain they cause. Seeing them is generally our last resort after every other home remedy for toothache fails. However, dentists play an important role in our lives no matter how much we may detest them. We owe them a sincere thanks for saving our teeth every time we push them to the brink of damage.
To show your heartfelt gratitude, gift your dentist something unique this year, to put a smile on his or her face. Show him how much his effort means to you, by putting in a little thought into these gifts. Here's a list of unique gift ideas for dentists that can be given on their birthdays or any other occasion that demands a gift. Take a look!

Wrist Watch

Dentists are thorough professionals who value time and punctuality above all the things. Gift your dentist a fun watch, with a dentist's office theme-based dial. This will add a little fun to their uniforms, while maintaining their formal outlook.


Gift your dentist a T-shirt which makes a bold statement. This statement is not just a fashionable one, but an advice and that too, in a unique way.
In tandem with the trend of Keep Calm slogans, get a T-shirt for your dentist that says Keep Calm and Floss On. You can also try variations of it, such as brush twice a day, say ah! and so on. Imagination is your only limit!

Quirky Earrings

Playing it sane is no way of making a gift memorable.
Get a little quirky with your gifts to put a smile on your dentist's face. Miniature toothpaste and toothpaste earrings are sure to put a smile on your dentist's face. If these are difficult to find, you can get them made at any jeweler's shop.

Tooth Bracelet

Bracelets are elegant and often carry charms that are close to the heart.
These charms are silent witnesses of fond memories, forlorn wishes, and passions in pursuits. A delicate bracelet with a porcelain tooth set in it, is an ideal gift that your dentist is likely to treasure for years to come.

Pen Stand

The same old routine stuff at the desk gets boring to look at. Add a bit of funky accessories to your dentist's desk. A tooth pen stand, with colorful pens is one way of doing so. If you intend to walk that extra mile, then get a quote printed on the pen stand.

Mobile Charms

Mobile charms are an extension of your personality. They hint at the things you like and the things you care for. Get a customized mobile accessory for your dentist, such as a shiny smiling tooth. This will add to the bling of the phone too.

Sugar Soaps

Dentists often complain about patients eating a lot of sugary stuff. So, here's your chance to gift your dentist a sweet gift that he won't refuse.
Make those handmade sugar soaps at home with a porcelain tooth setting. These not only act as effective body scrubs, but the tooth in the transparent soap will make them a collectible item in a dentist's bathroom.
To appreciate your dentist's efforts, you can come up other personalized, creative, and out-of-the-box gift ideas. Also, keep in mind that the gift has to be useful and unique at the same time for it to be treasured.