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Unique Romantic Gift Ideas For Him

Roy D'Silva
Gifts are only as good as the thought behind them. However, we should be careful enough to ensure that our emotions are well translated into gifts. This can be achieved only with a unique romantic gift for your man.
Gifts are symbols of eternal love, immortal passion, and undying faith. Since time immemorial, gifts have been the messiah for all souls smitten with love. Though some people may say that gifts are a materialistic concept and have no place in a relationship, they are still the most sought-after bets to win your beloved's lubb-dupp!
When you think of gifting something to your man, investing a good thought over what he may appreciate and what he may cherish is very important. Yes, there is a difference. Gift him what he may cherish and not what he would appreciate. To appreciate is to derive gratitude; to cherish is to treasure.
Gifts play an important role in strengthening a relationship and even taking it forward. Though gifts are necessary in platonic and family relationships, they become all the more meaningful when paired with romantic relationships.
After all, gifts do set the stage on fire! Gift him something exciting, not necessarily something that excites you as well. Think from his point of view. Be careful while choosing gifts for your man so that your emotions are conveyed in ample.

Perfect Romantic Gifts

Most gifts are supposed to be personal property and used by one person. Therefore, the usability of the gift depends on the lifestyle of the person you intend to give the gift to. Therefore, sit down and think carefully about your man's lifestyle before splurging on a gift. Does he work in an office, is he a businessman or a freelancer? Undoubtedly, the best gift is the one that men can use day in and day out.


Ahaan! I know where the wings of your mind flutter at the moment! Now, get your mind off the muck. By 'S' factor, we mean the scent factor.
Contrary to popular belief, most men wish to look and smell good. However, there are a few who will actually make an effort to do so. Therefore, gifts like perfumes, deodorants, shaving kits are a welcome accessory on their shelf.


Apparel like shirts, trousers, ties, jackets are safe bets. Depending on the smoking and drinking habits, a good-looking lighter or cigarette holder is something that would always be welcomed as a gift, by men.

Something Different!

Each person has different interests. Some of them are rare and therefore difficult to satisfy. Take some time out to know what your man is interested in. He may be interested in something as different as stamp collecting, travel or heavy reading.
You can make a difference to his life by gifting him that rare collection of stamps he was looking out for, or going for a vacation with him, or even gifting him a book he liked a lot but has misplaced the same.

Hobby-themed Gifts

Most men have 'expensive' or 'elite' hobbies. Gardening, painting, playing golf, fishing are just some of them. Men seldom spend money on their hobbies.
Therefore, it would be a touching gesture on your behalf, if you gift your man something that he knew would greatly enhance his hobby but didn't feel like parting with his hard-earned buck. There are a number of new gardening and painting tools coming up everyday. As for a 'putting' patriot, a new golf set would never hurt.


A mans' wallet perpetually looks undernourished, with a tatter here and there. If your man has run-out of a good cash-carrier, why not gift him the same! It would show how observant you are... and the 'awww' is bound to come your way!

Gift Basket

Even so, there are people whose likes and dislikes are difficult to decipher, the best bet for them are gift baskets.
A gift basket contains a number of useful things, out of which at least some are sure to hit the spot. There are various gift baskets available in the market, related to the tastes and hobbies of your man. A gift basket is another perfect romantic gift for your man.


Why not gift him something unusual; something he had never dreamt would have existed! If he loves his cell phone and can't part with it, consider gifting a cell phone sanitizer. Uncanny as it may seem, this sanitizer comes with a cell phone holder and it is through the UV light that the germ attack on your phone is countered.
If he is fond of cooking, you could gift him a set of cook books. An alarm clock could also be the ideal gift, if your man is keen to go for a jog in the morning, but can't stop himself from lolling in bed and procrastinating the program!
All said and done, quality time spent with each other is the best gift one can ever give in a romantic relationship. So, if you wish your gift to be a little less controversial than what Marilyn Monroe gave JFK, you can reserve your tickets for a vacation, but... to a place your man likes best!