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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Girija Shinde
Wedding gift ideas can be really difficult to think of. While there are a plethora of options to choose from, we are sure you don't really the run-of-the-mill ideas that almost every second guest gifts the newly-wed. So, here are some unique wedding gift ideas to help you.
Each one of us wants to give some unique gift to a couple on the most memorable day of their lives. But we often find ourselves blank on gift ideas, as every day at least ten new wedding gift items emerge in the market! So, here are some wedding gift ideas (unique only!) for your rescue.

Wedding Gift Ideas

S'more Maker

It's always better to gift the couple, something that they can use. Specially, kitchen appliances, as any new couple tends to buy the utmost necessary things. So, all other appliances which are not a necessity but can always come in handy, are ignored. One such appliance is the s'more maker.
This unique wedding gift will provide the newly married couple with tasty crunchy s'mores everyday! With the help of a s'more maker, the bride will be able to whip up the yummy classic treat whenever there are guests at her place! So, she won't need to worry about entertaining the guests; in case of food at least!

Super Merchant Gift Certificate

If you want to gift useful but not an accessory, take super merchant gift certificate.
Super merchant gift certificate will allow the couple to exchange the shopping coupons for any other coupon in any shop! So the couple will be able to buy anything they want for their new home. And that too, from any shop they like!

Ghost Tour

Want to give the couple some out of the world gift? Then this is one of the best wedding gifts for couples! You can buy them the tickets of a ghost tour, organized in many cities. So, you can choose the city with maximum haunted places for the tour!
This will be one of the most unique wedding gifts for the groom, as the groom will get a chance to get closer to the bride and flaunt the 'manly' qualities like bravery, protectiveness etc. etc.! This wedding gift will sure to be a thrilling experience for the couple.

Cleaning Certificate

This is one of the best example of wedding gift ideas. Unique and also useful ideas are so rare to find! But this idea is unique as well as useful. The newly wedded couple need rest after the lengthy and hectic wedding preparations.
But the routine chores, which start right from the next day of the wedding, do not give the bride time to rest. So, this cleaning certificate will give the bride freedom form the boring chores and she will be able to spend some more quality time with her husband! And will also earn praises for you, for being so thoughtful.

Cash Gifts

Cash gifts are very useful for the couples, as they need money to set the new home. They get flexibility to buy they really need instead to keep something in the back of the cupboard forever. Welcome any contributions from them.
A few personalized wedding gifts such as photo frames, metal family tree etc. can also be given. If you are gifting some costly gift or tickets to some specific place, first confirm with the groom's or bride's parents that no one has planned for the same gift.
Otherwise, one of your unique wedding gift ideas may go waste. So, with so many gift ideas for your help, you can start shopping immediately!