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Worthy Wedding Gift Ideas for Second Marriages

Charlie S
Couples celebrating a second marriage generally do not expect gifts but that shouldn't stop you from gifting them something on their special day. Consider their tastes and preferences before purchasing a gift for them.
The main purpose of giving gifts to married couples is to help them start their new life together.
For a second marriage, people assume that the couple already has everything they need, so buying gifts for them becomes difficult. More often than not, they are stocked up on the essentials of starting a new life together, hence, the need to have a registry is not felt.
You can take your liberties and deviate from the traditional gifts for the newlywed couple. Contribute to their joy by coming up with something that is unique and well, something they can enjoy as a couple. After all, it is their special day and it will help them start their married life.

Weekend Bonanza

The couple would definitely appreciate some time alone, and a weekend getaway seems the perfect idea for a gift.

Time Together

Most couples may have children from the previous marriage, hence the best way to show you care for them is to babysit their children so that they get some time for themselves. If possible you can even hire a caravan for the couple.

Day at the Spa

The benefits of a massage are known to all, then why not give the couple a spa coupon. There are a lot of massage treatments for couples on offer at such places. This way they can rejuvenate themselves and also spend enough quality time together.

Gift Basket

A big basket filled with goodies is another good gift choice. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to a gift basket and you can be spot on with something like this.

Hammock Built for Two

A perfect gift for married couples whether it's a first or second marriage, is a hammock built for two. Doesn't a hammock spell comfort to you? This way the couple gets to spend time together whenever they can.

Something they Need

You and a few friends could pool your resources and gift the couple something they really need. It could be anything from a couch to a music player. The point is, you have to keep in mind what they really need, considering their taste.

In Kind

The best gift you can give is cash. The couple can use it to purchase whatever they need. Besides, it can come in handy on their honeymoon, and to meet a lot of expenses after the wedding. Think of some innovative ways to give the cash though!

Framed Moments

Get your hand on some of their cherished moments, make a collage and frame it, and present it to the couple. A picture perfect moment always makes for a perfect gift, wedding or otherwise.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates make the perfect gift for any occasion. If they love dancing, give them a gift certificate for any dance classes like salsa or ballroom dancing. Another good option is to give them tickets to a concert or a game show.


The safest bet when it comes to wedding gifts is dinnerware, no matter how many different patterns and sets one has, they are always welcome. You could even customize the dinnerware prior to gifting it.

Say it with a Card

Well, if you are still confused with what to gift the couple, simply give a card to wish them the best in life.
Feelings associated with the gift are equally important - so anything presented with love and admiration will be appreciated. Sometimes, just partaking in their joy is as good as a gift. You can also come up with your ideas for a perfect gift for the couple.